Carpets generally are made from 5 basic materials

Carpets generally are made from 5 basic materials


Most of the oriental carpets generally are made from 5 basic materials. Wool, cotton, silk, jute and animal hair. There are also some kinds of variations of these materials. Wool woven onto cotton is most often used in a rug, especially in stores you can find easily. Wool, cotton and silk are the primary materials for carpets. Because of its availability throughout the Orient, wool (from sheep, goats or less durable camel hair) is the most widely used fiber for carpet making. In antique carpets and especially those made by nomadic tribes, wool was used for both the pile and the foundation. Cotton, a strong fiber, is suitable for the underlying foundation. Since it is the crop of a cultivated plant, however, cotton is not found in the carpets produced by nomadic tribes. Because of its soft quality and shine, silk is the most precious of the materials, used mainly in the pile, alone or combined with wool, exclusively by specialized city workshops. Wool, cotton and silk are spun into yarn by twisting the fiber.

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