Baluch rug origin and description

Baluch rug origin and description


Belutch carpets are hand knotted in the border area of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Different tribes who have managed to save their own independent patterns over centuries knot them. These robust carpets usually appear in dark red tones as well as in blue tones. They are roughly categorized in Mashad Belutch and Herat Belutch. The Belutch carpet is named after the tribe of Belutch, who knot this rug. This tribe is located in the border area of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nowadays, mostly other tribes knot Belutch carpets in their houses but nomads knot them, too. All of the different tribes have their own specific patterns, which have one common feature: their geometric forms. A Belutch can be categorized in Mashad, Herat and Afghan Belutch. The Mashad Belutch may also have figurative motives. Lamb’s wool is used for warp and woof, depending on the region the carpet comes from, jute can be used as well for the warp. The carpets are knotted with a Persian (asymmetric) knot. Overall, Belutch carpets are fine knotted and thus durable carpets. The majority of them is colored in dark red tones. Next to these colors, blue is a much used color.

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