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Tradition from 1998s

Welcome to Rugeast.com- the online portal for your favorite carpets!
Rugeast Company was founded in 1998. After years of collecting experiences.
BIDABADI Carpet Trading group, Company is a large entity aggregation in the field of producing, exporting and servicing Persian Handmade Rugs and kilims. Products of this company are made in many places in Iran, India, Pakistan and include various designs, colors, and sizes.
This company is one of the famous concerns that could answer to customer’s orders in the fastest time and cheapest prices. The orders are supplied in any quantity and with customer’s taste and present them in the shortest time. The history of the company’s activities returns to more than 3 generation. Now after such a long time international experience, there is a huge amount of information about people’s tastes and cultures that help us to know our customer's needs and move to fulfill them.
Hamburg (Hafen City) was chosen as the base, exporting and servicing Persian Handmade Carpet. In order to guarantee quality and a constantly growing diversity, the company has been working closely with manufacturing countries such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and China for decades . all the rugs we sell have been checked with great care and the most attention. we are proud to offer the most diverse exclusive rug collections at the best price through more than 50000 square meters of handmade rugs in deferent categories; sizes; colors; and styles such as Tribal; nomadic; modern and silk rugs.
Our task is to give you knowledge about choosing the best Favorite rug for yourself Today this company has extensive communications with many countries and businessmen around the world. Goods of this company are presented by some big department stores.
If your desire to feel the Persian carpets and other oriental carpets perfection and sublime, visit our store and make not to miss our store at:
Brook9, 20457 Hamburg (Germany) it is worth it!

Meet Our Team

Alireza Bidabadi

Founder and CEO

Hossein Bidabadi

Sales Manager

Mohsen Esmaeili

Online Shop Manager

Hamed Pilafkan

Executive Director